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Phyllida Barlow, installation view, dock, Tate Britain, London, 31 March – 19 October 2014.


A major solo exhibition of work by Phyllida Barlow (born Newcastle upon Tyne, 1944), who is known for monumental sculpture made from simple materials such as plywood, cardboard, fabric, plaster, paint and plastic.

Physically impressive and materially insistent, Barlow’s sculptures often seem to paraphrase real objects, particularly those found in the street. They ask questions about our relationship to objects, and about objects’ relationship to us, and seem to slip between different registers of form and meaning as we try to understand them – they often seem like things caught in the process of becoming other things, things we might have seen before or may see in the future.

Barlow makes her work in reference to the space in which it will be shown, and this exhibition will include new sculptures made specifically for The Fruitmarket Gallery.

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